Zeeshan Tailors

We specialize in Gent's Cloths...

About Our Shop

Our shop has been completing cloths tasks since 1995.

Zeeshan Tailors have skill for developing cloth into various designed dress along with modern wearing style and have experience for making official as well as stylish shirts.


Mission: With insticts, our mission is regarding new and modern changing in cloth and make that professional dresses as our tailors have been accomplishing. We are responsible for our customer's desire and quality demanded by customer, so our aim is dotted as our product quality.

VISION:Our Vision is concerned with you: we beleive in your opinion and tend to slip with that as well.


We offer modern dresses with new equipments

The Masters

Our shop is working under admired and skilled cutter Masters


Tailors are doing their job under famous Tailor Master as well as they are qualified workers.


Sewing Machines have power for rolling quickly and safely.


Shop's product is well known by its name: our tailors use special labels that indicate manufactured shop with matching.


Shop uses raw material that has good quality and special packing.

Serve in Time

We serve in certain time for product and determined that dresses will be ready on ordered time.

Products and Work

We have created

Received Customer Comments


We have payment plan for current time and it has been remained same for 3 years

Basic and Fix

Rs.600 for Dress

Rs.500 for Kames/Sherwani/Kurta

Rs.500 for Design Shirt

Rs.50 for Altering

Zeeshan Tailors

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Our Cutter Masters

Ustad Shabeer Ahmed Lashari

Zeeshan Lashari

Sajjad Langah

Our Tailors

Sajjad Siyal

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M.Nawaz Lashari (Dilar)

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Sadam Siyal

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Zulfqar Mallah

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Resham Gali near Cinema Chowk, Dadu, Sindh, Pakistan.